Best Male Pop Artist

Tar A’Pacts Wins Best Male Pop Artist

Best Female Pop Artist

Tik Princess Wins Best Female Pop Artist

Best Male Pop Song

Tone Aniluth Wins Best Male Pop Song

Best Female Pop Song

Mone Morning Girl Wins Best Female Pop Song

Best Hip Hop Artist

Pull T Club Wins Best Hip Hop Artist

Best Hip-Hop Song

Pull T Club Wins Best Hip-Hop Song

Best R&B Artist

Sam Intharaphithak Wins Best R&B Artist

Best R&B Song

Sam Intharaphithak with Hot Hot. Wins Best R&B Song

Best New Male Artist

Idolz Wins Best New Male Artist

Best New Female Artist

Annita Wins Best New Female Artist

Best Rock Artist

Cells Wins Best Rock Artist

Best Rock Song

Cells Wins Best Rock Song

Best Group/Duo

Cells Wins Best Group/Duo

Best Music Video

Tik Princess Wins Best Music Video

Best Producer

Manoxay Keonakhone Wins Best Producer

Best Country Song

Sou Der by Bounkerd Nouhouang Wins Best Country Song

Best Country Song Composer

Ajarn Ounkeo Vorachak Wins Best Country Song Composer

Best Pop Song Composer

Tee Oudalay Wins Best Pop Song Composer

Best Artist

Phailavanh Vongthachanh (Ting) Wins Best Artist

It was no surprise that Ting Phailavanh won the Artist of the Year Award; with many of her hit singles such as “Koy Kao Kub Ma” and “Nee Tor Dai Kor Ying Jer”. Ting has truly proven that her lyrics and melodies have the power to charm all fans, both young and old.

Song of the Year

Khon Meu Song (Cells) Wins Song of the Year

A beautifully composed song, “Khon Meu Song” allowed Cells to take home the Song of the Year Award, as fans roared and cheered in ecstasy. An indisputably memorable melody, “Khon Meu Song” is bittersweet and melodic, inspiring sympathy and tears.

Album of the Year

Cells (Cells) Wins Album of the Year

The Album of the Year Award is reserved for the album with the best songs. It’s a no brainer that Cells would receive this award with “Sell”. Not only is “Khon Meu Song” (song the of year) included, but also the all-time favorites “Vaan” and “Lerk Lerk” and are also here.

Best Female Artist

Aluna Thavonsouk Wins Best Female Artist

When Aluna’s name was proclaimed the Best Female Artist, the crowd cheered as their expectations had been confirmed. A remarkable singer, Aluna’s passion for music shines and animates. She has undoubtedly made a lasting impact on the lives of many of her dedicated fans.

Best Male Artist

Thon Aneelouth Wins Best Male Artist

Handsome, charming and gifted, Thon Aneelouth brought home the Best Male Artist Award that year. His hit song “Kert Ma Peua Huk Jao” has charmed and still charms his most devoted fans.

Best Group Artist

Secret Wins Best Group Artist

The five-girl group Secret stole the spotlight when their name was called to receive the honor of Best Group Artist! Entertaining and hip, these ladies have entranced hundreds with their songs, “Bai Meed Keed Jai” and “Ya Het Hai Van Vai” among others.

Best New Artist

Bidalack Siackhaphom (Touly) & Khennakhone Sayavongsa (Cream) Wins Best New Artist

The votes came in and Touly and Cream were tied for first place in the Best New Artist category. With hit singles like Touly’s “Kit Hort” and Cream’s “Moka,” it did not surprise anyone that these two would come out on top.

Best Hip-Hop Song

Ee Yung Ka Dai (L.O.G.) Wins Best Hip-Hop Song

Great beat and just-makes-you-want-to-dance, “Ee Yung Ka Dai” was hands-down the best hip-hop song of that year. Played in nightclubs and discotheques all over Laos, this song is a favorite of L.O.G.’s masterpieces.

Best Rock Song

Vaan (Cells) Wins Best Rock Song

Cells captured the Best Rock Song Award with their hit song “Vaan”
which became a hit song even in neighboring Thailand. The music video was also out of this world.

Best Pop Song

Khuam Hoo Seuk Bork (Aluna) Wins Best Pop Song

Aluna’s “Kuam Hoo Seuk Bork” mesmerized thousands of music-lovers when it first came out. It’s no wonder why it won that year’s Best Pop Song. Sack (Cells) later re-popularized the song with a cover.

Best Country Song

Koy Nong Ma Yarm (Bounleua Valideth) Wins Best Country Song

Bounleua Valideth, a popular country artist, won Best Country Song with “Koy Nong Ma Yarm.”

Best Lum Song

Lum Siphandone (Viengphou Nounim) Wins Best Lum Song

Viengphou Nounim employed the Lum Siphandone melody and made it her own. She captivated audiences countrywide and stunned the judges.

Best Producer

Manoxay Keonakhone (Noh) & Soulinthone Khounsathone (Mee) Wins Best Producer

Without a doubt, if there were awards for the Best Producers, they would go to none other than Mee and Noh. And as it turns out, there were! Mee and Noh are known for having produced most of Cells’ and other Indee Record Company artists’ songs.

Best Composer

Athisack Rattanavong (Sack – Cells) Wins Best Composer

Armed with a clever wit and a likeable personality, Sack composes almost all of his songs. Brilliant and engaging, Sack’s lyrics are the foundation of his career as a composer and musician.

Honorary Award

Sisana Sisane (hailed as the pioneer of the modern Lao music industry) Wins Honorary Award

That year’s Honorary Award was given posthumously to the revolutionary veteran musician Sisana Sisane, who was hailed as the pioneer of the modern Lao music industry. His son accepted the award on his behalf.